1.1) Businessman in a Box accepts all transactions through the use of PayPal on our website ( No client’s payment information is saved at Businessman in a Box and remains the private property of the customer at all times before, during, and after the product purchase. PayPal is the approved payment method chosen by Businessman in a Box, any clients wishing to use credit cards can do so through PayPal.

1.2) All prices displayed and advertised for Businessman in a Box are listed in Canadian (CDN) Dollars. All transactions are subject to and performed in accordance with Canadian Laws and regulations.

1.3) ALL prices quoted on our website are in CDN dollars and they do not include taxes and any applicable duties that may need to be paid upon delivery. Applicable taxes and duties vary from country to country and we would advise you to check with your country's custom and tax department for more information. Please note that Businessman in a Box is not responsible for any possible taxes and duties, this is the responsibility of the customer.


2.1) Businessman in a Box respects your privacy and will ensure it is not shared with any other organization or person that is outside of the Businessman in a Box organization. We do not share any of your personal information with any unauthorized third parties. The CRM we use has various security measures to protect the security and confidentiality of your personal information. Businessman in a Box reserves the right to contact you regarding your order details, delivery instructions or any future offerings.

2.2) A valid email address is required for all clients placing an order with Businessman in a Box. Confirmation emails of your purchase will be sent to the email that is provided at the time of the order. Customers should ensure that emails from Businessman in a Box are not marked as junk or spam. Customers should also contact if they do not receive any emails due to any possible unforeseen technical reasons


3.1) Every product offered by Businessman in a Box is individually custom made according to the customer's preferences, and measurements submitted at the time of the order. Therefore, we DO NOT accept returns for any other reason than manufacturer error that can be verified with photographs and the appropriate communication and descriptions of manufacturer error.

3.2) In the rare occasion that there is a manufacturer error in any custom made product, the customer is required to take and upload a picture of him/her wearing the product(s) displaying the manufacturer error and email this information to In any case of a measurement error, the customer will be required to provide pictures showing the measurements which are wrong (holding a measurement tape, showing the measurements and any discrepancy from the original order). The customer will be notified within 2 business days if Businessman in a Box requires any additional information.

3.3) Any custom-made products may not fit the customer 100% perfect for various different reasons out of our control. The need for minor alteration or tailoring might be necessary and is the responsibility of the customer. Incorrect measurements will not qualify as manufacturer error and the measurements are the sole responsibility of the client to ensure they are accurate and correct.

3.4) If any product delivered to a customer cannot be altered to fit properly by a local tailor there will be a $200 restocking fee will be applied to any products being returned to Businessman in a Box. The cost of shipping and packaging for any items being returned to Businessman in a Box will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

3.5) The product images displayed on our website are for visualisation purposes only. The product color may differ from the image displayed online due to differences in screen monitors, resolution, brightness, contrast and other individual settings out of our control.

3.6) Once an order is placed online and the transaction is completed, the order is processed immediately and the order is then sent to production. Cancellation of orders is not possible after the transaction has been completed.

3.7) For any custom made products, there is a possibility of a slight difference of 0.5 to 1 inch in the measurements produced on the final product. Businessman in a Box is providing custom made products, and each order made individually as opposed to the standard mass production methods used by most clothing retailers.

3.8) By selecting your posture option, our tailors will adjust the garments to closely match your specific posture and structure. Please understand that the final product you receive will always have some additional room added onto your chest, waist and hips measurements depending on your posture description. This is standard practice for most tailors internationally as it is necessary to have some additional room in order for the garments to have allowance given for movement and comfort. The additional room range is from 2-6 inches depending on your posture option and fit selections chosen on your order.

3.9) The Shoulder measurements provided by the customer may need to be altered by the tailor to give proportion for matching the chest measurements and often to make the pattern proportionate for each individual ordering the garments.

3.10) Customers can notify Businessman in a Box of any specific comments or additional instructions via email (, once their order is placed online. Any specific comments or additional instructions must be sent to Businessman in a Box within 24 hours of the order.

3.11) In the case that any minor alterations are required, customers are normally given an exclusive discount for any alterations needed to be made at a local tailor. In the case that a client is located in a geographical area that Businessman in a Box has not yet negotiated an exclusive discount, Businessman in a Box will provide a 50% reimbursement up to a maximum of $60 in tailoring fee’s. In order to qualify for the reimbursement a client must provide an official receipt for the tailoring within 30 days of product delivery, and must not have been given an exclusive discount from Businessman in a Box for a local tailor.

3.12) Any custom garments that are re-ordered or re-made after the original order date can slightly differ in color shades as each fabric lot and fabric roll is milled separately and could have slight variations.

3.14) Gift Vouchers that are purchased online through our website are non-refundable. Any Promotional codes can change without notice if they are being abused or improperly used.

3.15) Once products are ordered they cannot be cancelled, unless Businessman in a Box has been properly notified within 24 hours of the original order. All products ordered will be shipped to the delivery address as Businessman in a Box will not cancel, hold nor store any order and product once produced as they are custom products that are not able to be resold.

3.16) As an act of kindness, quality assurance and desire to ensure you are happy with your order, Businessman in a Box will often inform customers if any measurements are suspected to be out of the ordinary. In this case Businessman in a Box will contact the client via email but will not hold the order for any longer than 48 hours without a response. The client is responsible to ensure the original measurements and any measurement confirmations are correct. Any confirmation of measurements may also add additional time to the delivery period.

3.18) The description of categories and various options of our products listed on our website are solely intended for our brand and products. The terms and descriptions used on our site are used to describe our products and are not intended to describe any other general descriptions, sources or other brands.

3.19) In the unlikely event that there is a discrepancy in the invoice you receive, please email our customer service team ( and we will send you an adjusted official invoice if required.


4.1) All Shoes sold by Businessman in a Box are custom made for each individual order and cannot be reused or resold, therefore there is no refund given for any custom shoe orders. If there is a manufacturer error, please send in pictures of the issue and we can have the shoes remade without any charges, upon approval by Businessman in a Box.

4.2) All custom Made shoes purchased from Businessman in a Box are constructed from premium leather and are obtained in separate lots to ensure the best quality and specifications. As a result the shading of a product of the same leather is possible but common. Please understand that when re-ordering the same pair of shoes at a later date this variation may occur.


5.1) Please refer to the delivery prices listed on the website ( These prices can be changed at any time is the delivery costs associated with your order exceed the allotted charge for delivery both locally and internationally.

5.2) Customers can notify Businessman in a Box of any specific comments or additional instructions via email (, once their order is placed online. Any specific comments or additional instructions must be sent to Businessman in a Box within 24 hours of the order.

5.3) Businessman in a Box orders are typically shipped within 28 business days. Please understand that International orders may take additional time for the delivery process. In rare cases beyond our control (fabric availability, natural disasters, etc.) delivery times may be delayed.

5.4) Any changes to delivery address or special instructions with regard to delivery must be clearly communicated to Businessman in a Box no later than 10 business days after the order has been placed. All products will be delivered to the address provided by the customer at the time of the order.

5.5) All Businessmen in a Box orders will be shipped together in 1 or 2 packages upon completion, directly to the specified delivery address provided by the customer in order to maximize customer experience and minimize carbon footprint.