Frequenly Asked Questions

Q: What comes in a box?
A:We have everything you need to be dressed for success in each box. Custom tailored suits, custom tailored shirts, ties, belts accessories and even custom made dress shoes. We offer three standard packages (Executive, CEO & Chairman) designed to meet anyone’s needs. Click here to find your options.

Q: What options do I have?
A: Our online options allow you to create the perfect formal wardrobe based on your personal preference and style. With millions of different possible combinations, your box will be 100% custom and unlike anything you have ever experienced. For Special requests, individual item orders, or additional options please contact one of our representatives directly or email us directly at Click here to find out your options.

Q: What is the difference between each level of box?
A: Executive: Entry level package. Good quality fabrics, custom tailored products.
CEO : Mid level package. Superior quality fabrics, custom tailored products including custom made dress shoes.
Chairman : Premium level package. Finest quality fabrics, custom tailored products including multiple pairs of custom dress shoes and custom overcoat. Click here to find out the difference of each box or package.

Q: What is the cost and time for delivery
A: All of our products are custom tailored for each individual order.  Below is a list of expected delivery costs and times:
Pickup/NC (4-5 weeks)
Canada - $24.99 (4-5 weeks)
USA - $34.99 (6-8 weeks)
International - $49.99 (6-8 weeks)

Q: What is your return policy?
A We believe in being fair and are happy to replace any products with manufacturing defects. Because our products are custom made, each individual is responsible to ensure that their measurements are accurate for best results. Your satisfaction is our primary focus. Please refer to complete terms and conditions for further information.: Click here to read our Terms and Conditions.

Q: How do I track and see my order history?
A: With every order you will automatically be set up with a Businessman In a Box account. Simply login with your credentials and review your order history, track your order, review measurements and customizations. Click here to login and view your order history.

Q: How can I join the Business man in a Box?
A: Businessman in a Box is rapidly growing and expanding into new markets. If you are interested in joining our team please contact us directly and send us a copy of your resume. Click here to see how you can join.