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Respect and admiration delivered to your door. Businessman in a Box is your one-stop solution for all your formal men’s wear needs. Whether you’re a business professional or only get dressed up for special occasions, we will deliver the right fit at the right price to your door.

With a Businessman in a Box wardrobe, you will feel confident, attractive and successful. All our products are custom made to order with the finest materials available.

Businessman in a Box consults with men’s fashion experts to ensure your clothes are the perfect fit, style and material for you. Stop guessing what looks good, and start looking great.

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“I’m really excited about the box of clothes I got from these guys. I was amazed at the quality and fit of my tailored suit and dress shirts. I would recommend Businessman in a Box to anyone who needs a good suit and hates the mall!”
– Gerry L., Edmonton, AB

“I have ordered custom suits online before and they have always been a little bit off in terms of fit. I was really impressed with the amount of information Business Man in a Box required to ensure my order fit wonderfully. When I received my suit and shirts it was obvious their attention to detail made all the difference in the fit.”
– Lloyd M., St. Albert, AB

“This was a totally hassle-free ordering experience and it cost me a fraction of what I used to pay in store. The quality was excellent and my box was delivered on time. As a realtor, looking professional is a big part of my job – these guys make it easy.”

– Brendan M., Sherwood Park, AB

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